Smart Menus     A well designed website offers the user a simple and smart menu that facilitates access to all pages. The smoother is the navigation, the more attraction is made and user would seek more from your website. To see a few menu techniques, check out the following samples:

Robust Databases     Large scale websites that contain products, photos, and other types of information, need a fast and efficient database management system. Also the selection of the web hosting service is of much importance. Data bases are used to store information in tables and deliver them when requested.

Advanced Text and Graphics     Graphics implementation is one of the key elements in well designed websites. Beautifull and fast graphics, unique icons together with suitable text fonts and colors, provide the basics of a valuable and useful website.

Photo Galleries     Photos are the best illustrations of products, services and other offers you provide. A well organized photo gallery is an essential part of complete website solution. Check out the following samples:

Animations     Flash clips and other sorts of animations, when used properly add value to web pages and catch the eyes of users.
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