Website Basic     If you own a small business or you are a person who wants a web presence, right now and cannot afford the time and money required for a large website then this is our suitable offer to you. You can express and publish your ideas, projects, CVs, etc to the Web, today.

Website Smart     This package is a quick and smart move into web. Specially designed and tested according to the needs of new businesses and establishments, its a high end technology and yet affordable software solution.

Website Professional     Professional people have special web presence needs. To demonstrate expertise and skills to the world, this package uses state of the art technology to serve the professional sector.

Website Enterprise     Large companies need special software. Complicated needs, robust performance, highly secure and super large databases are typical in this type of websites. Multinational and groups of companies, real estates, large financial institutions are the main users of this package.

Custom Development     Custom development is necessary when a pre packaged solution falls short to depict and handle company's activity. There are two different approaches to custom design a website: First is to pick a package and add more functions to it and the second way is to start from scratch. In both cases pricing would be based on extra time being put on development. Our flat rate policy, that is $150 per working day, makes it simple to estimate the total cost of the custom solutions. To get a quote today please kindly contact our sales team.
Your first website ever? Check out this smart and quick startup package.

Website total solutions available for medium and large scale companies.

Custom designed website would optimize your web presence.